What Is 4K and UHDTV, and Why Should I Care

0_480_640_http-__i.haymarket.net.au_News_20120530085755_ultra-hd-lens-flare-logoThe terms 4K, 8K, Ultra High-Definition, Ultra HD, and UHDTV have been buzzing about the production and entertainment industry over the last few months, but what exactly is UHD and why should any of us care?

Ultra High-Definition (UHDTV) is a new digital format standard officially defined last October by the International Telecommunication Union.  It’s basically ‘Higher-Def’ HD.  You may be familiar with the term ‘4K,’ which is the most common UHDTV resolution format.  At 3840×2160, 4K is four times as detailed as full frame High Definition (1920×1080).  UHDTV specifications also provide for a much larger color space, and double the frame rates of HDTV.  There are also specifications for 8k resolution out on the horizon.  Just like the transition from standard definition to high definition TVs gave us a sharper, cleaner, more detailed image, UHDTVs promise a realism so clear you’ll swear your HDTV has gone out of focus!

New technologies often suffer from the classic, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg” debate.  In the case of Ultra HD, why purchase a UHDTV television if you don’t have a UHDTV playback device?  Why buy a 4K or other UHD format camera if your customers can’t get 4K programming?  This conundrum appears to finally be solved.  Netflix recently announced their intention to begin streaming in the UHDTV standard this year, and high speed internet is now a norm for most US households.  With the wide showing of 4K TVs at this year’s CES show, and new 4K capable camera systems coming from Sony and Canon this year, 4K production is no longer about the future, it’s about today.

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