How Are Cinema Lenses Different From Photography Lenses?


I regularly get asked about the differences between cinema lenses and photography lenses for video use. “Will cinema lenses really make my video better?” “What are the advantages?” “Are they worth the price?”… Continue reading

Budget Cinema Cameras at Samy’s DV


Panasonic DVX-200: The 4K Successor to a Revered Camera JVC GY-LS300: Cinema 4K Footage on a Super 35 Sensor, a Great Option for Microbudget Indies Sony PXW-X70: Compact, Do-It-All Doc-Style Camera for Productions on… Continue reading

The Cameras of NAB Show 2015


The annual National Association of Broadcasters convention and trade show (NAB) always features the biggest line up of new production cameras, and this year was certainly no exception. After announcing new cameras at… Continue reading

EOS C100 MKII Announced by Canon


After a week or so of buzz getting around the industry, Canon has officially announced their new Mark II model of the Cinema EOS C100 Camera. The newer model has several updated features… Continue reading

Canon Announces Worlds Longest Cinema Zoom, 50-1000mm


A 50-1000mm 4K Cinema Servo Zoom Lens? Sounds like the perfect glass for 4K Sports applications! The Cine Lens What!?! 1000mm? That’s ridiculous. Now that I have that out of the way… The… Continue reading

The Ninja that Became a Star


The Cutting Edge Available at Samys DV and with even more external recording solutions hitting the market, Atomos launched yet another fantastic option for the independent crew attempting to get those beautiful, shoestring… Continue reading

AJA Cion is coming to Earth!


AJA has made the step into the cinema camera universe and it is arguably a giant leap for AJA-kind. With a Global Shutter, an APS-C sized 4K CMOS Sensor and 12 stops of… Continue reading

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